I'm Keith Hartigan.

We’re here to help you buy, sell or invest in Aspen, Vail and Denver properties.

No matter what your needs, I'm here to simplify the process for you.

I enjoy scrutinizing contracts and disclosures and am always happy to explain as little or as much as desired as I strive at every turn to protect your best interests.

Deep listening

All real estate brokers have opinions and some level of knowledge. I, however, first listen intently to your real estate goals and the "why" behind them. I will then share my expertise as it relates to your vision for a successful transaction and end goal.

Fierce negotiation

My focus is on your success. While I maintain a win-win attitude in negotiation, my clients can rest assured that the price and deal terms that I negotiate are always representative of their specific direction and absolute best interest. I believe the shrewdest negotiator "talks softly and carries a big stick". Often, real estate agents bring contentious and adversarial attitudes to the table ultimately undermining their clients' best outcomes and interests. Happy gratitude for any expressed interest in a real estate deal is the most effective doorway to open a negotiation.

Unmatched expertise

I have over 20 years of experience scouting real estate opportunities analyzing comparable sold and active properties. In my valuations I consider intangible qualities of properties that Zillow's algorithm or a real estate appraiser cannot.

Keith Hartigan

Hi! I'm Keith Hartigan, Founder of View West Properties. For 25 years I've helped buyers and sellers achieve their Colorado real estate goals. 

While specializing in three locations (Aspen, Vail, and Denver) may sound odd, this is a result of having grown up in Denver, lived and worked full time many years in Aspen, and now maintaining a second home in Vail. 

My family and I continue to enjoy Denver and our time in the mountains and I enjoy the challenge of working in these diverse yet connected communities.

View West Properties was founded in 2002. We're proud to be the only Colorado real estate company on the Board of Realtors in Denver, Boulder, Aspen, and Vail —as well as the Colorado and National Associations of Realtors.

For us, listening to your stories, goals and needs when it comes to your real estate goals never feels like work. 

Whether second homes in the mountains or commercial or residential real estate in Denver, we love what we do and are committed to never stop working on your behalf.As a Colorado native, I've been fortunate to spend my life enjoying every season of sport and outdoor activity that the Mile High City and the Rockies mountains offer.

When I’m not helping clients, I can be found traveling, picking up another new hobby, hanging with my loving family or in my woodworking studio crafting pieces.

If you would like to understand the market as it pertains to your real estate goals and options, whether that’s a purchase or sale —let’s talk!






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